Barter Values

Thu, 21 Jul 2016 17:40:00 GMT
Barter is a system of exchange where goods or services are directly exchanged for other goods or services without using a medium of exchange, such as money. It is ...
Mon, 25 Jul 2016 14:15:00 GMT
Bartering and the barter system are alive and well, but how do they work in our modern age? Learn about the barter system and bartering.
Sun, 24 Jul 2016 15:06:00 GMT
Bartering gebruikt u voor: werving van nieuwe klanten; verhoging van de omzetsnelheid; promoting van een nieuw product; verkoop van teveel aan voorraad
Mon, 25 Jul 2016 19:37:00 GMT
If you’re fully stocked and prepared to survive, you need to start thinking about stockpiling some popular bartering items for those times when paper currency may ...
Mon, 25 Jul 2016 02:05:00 GMT
information about bartering after SHTF as the replacement potential for commerce if we ever find ourselves on the other end of some crisis that destroys the financial ...
Mon, 25 Jul 2016 07:34:00 GMT
Support System. Your local ITEX team is here to help! They will help navigate our Marketplace, so you receive the full benefits of bartering with ITEX dollars.
Thu, 21 Jul 2016 07:32:00 GMT
The same thing holds true of all other possessions; for barter, in general, had its original beginning in nature, some men having a surplus, others too little of what ...